Purple star astrology

Purple star astrology 1.2

A program for analyzing your Astrology

Purple star astrology is a software program which you can use to consult different astrological things or events. The application is based on The Purple Star Astrology which was documented in the Sung Dynasty, which was in 980 to 120AD.

It was probably prepared by Chen Chuan and it contains a formula which is centered on the Chinese concept of Ming (life or fate). Purple star astrology attempts to explain why one’s person’s Ming is different from another’s, like why some people have good fortune, social position, riches and long life while some are unlucky, suffer from tragedies, are poor or die young.

Purple star astrology describes your past, present and future in 12 different categories like Wealth, Love, and Career, Destiny, Marriage, Health, Children, Parents and others.

It also explains and predicts the changing cycles around you and can point out your destiny and give you advice on how to avoid weaknesses and develop your strengths.

Purple star astrology is fairly easy to use. A Natal Chart is shown when you enter the date and time of your birth, and it can be used by anyone for advice or explanation at any time of their lives.